Evasion Project

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What is it?

The EvasionProject is a toolbox that allows you to make Point of Sale (POS), Ticket Pickup Machines or even cross-platform applications. It is written in  Python for rapid development and cross platform support.

Why Use it?

  • The license is compatible with commercial closed source projects.
  • Web application development is faster and much more flexible then traditional GUI toolkit approaches.
  • Modern CSS can completely change the look without affecting the operation.
  • The EvasionProject runs on most major platform Windows, Linux or Mac OSX.
  • The project is a highly modular toolbox, you can use all of it or just the parts you need.

  • The project allows a web application developer to escape the confines of "just" web development.
  • It allows easily creation of projects that could be desktop bound and/or have access to hardware and local services.


PyPi Previews

You can now easy_install early versions of the project packages

easy_install evasion-common evasion-messenger evasion-director

PyPi project pages:

Source Code

2011-08-04: The source code is now available on  GitHub:


This provides handy utilities used by other parts.


This provides a daemon like running and monitoring application.


Messaging library used to package and delivery events. This is used if the event system is turned on.


A XUL application wrapped in a python package. This displays the GUI web based web application. It can run full screen or not. It is automatically directed at the web application by the director.

Sphinx Documentation source

All documentation is done from here. When checked out and set up you can do "make html".

Old Code Home (Depreciated)

The code here is no longer used and has been migrated to  GitHub. It is kept here for reference and may soon disappear:


This is now part of the director and is no longer a distinct project part.

This provides the hardware abstraction layer communicated with via the event system


This project is release under a modified version of the CDDL license. See EvasionProjectLicense for more details.